Sunday 13 December 2009

The Sundowe Inverness

  *THE SUNDOWE - Eden Court theatre Inverness, 30th Nov 2007
The Sundowe is a musical written by Edinburgh writers and performers John, James and Gerry Kielty, and their band The Martians. Originally written as a radio show, and later as a television pilot, The Sundowe eventually became the basis for a modern musical. The storyline centres on The Martians themselves, as their street busking is interrupted by vampires, the local council and the return of dead souls. The Sundowe spins a spooky tale of ghostly happenings and betrayals - and yet never takes itself too seriously. Set in the backdrop of the cobbled streets of Edinburgh, Greyfriars graveyard, and the Scottish parliament. It is part comedy, part pathos, and with references to modern Scottish politics, Greyfriars Bobby, street busking & Scottish history.

The Sundowe went into rehearsals in October, and was performed in Eden Court theatre Inverness in November 2007. It was produced by Eden Court and the Cameron Mackintosh foundation.