Tuesday 29 December 2009

Hobopop Collective Tall Ship 2008

Kirsty McGee & Mat Martin (Karine Polwart & Inge Thomson supporting) Tall Ship 8th June 2008.
The gig had a calm feel good vibe. These artists are soul-warming and moving. Mat kindly invited me to this gig months ago – it seems odd it has rolled around now. I had a magical evening…
On the most perfect June day - I made my way to the Tall Ship that sits on the River Clyde
and crossing the long wooden gang plank I wonder what kind of venue and gig this will be. Inside the bowels of the old ship is an intimate venue where I see the guitars and banjos and other fretted instruments set on their stands. The below deck is painted a pale yellow and slopes off to the port side, making one feel we should be off at sea on this old vessel. The stage was backlit in pale yellow and green, which seems the perfect setting.

*Kirsty and Mat (Hobopop Collective) do a shimmering mix of laid back jazz-infused bluegrass acoustic tunes. Kirsty sings her travelling songs that draw close affinities with nature – ‘Your Under My Skin’ (songs about dust!) ‘Killer Wasps’, the fun ‘Sandman’, the bluesy tones of ‘Easy’. She draws inspiration from her travels hobo style. Her songs feel light and easy, but are full of mystery and subtle meanings. And she clearly loved being on stage at such an intimate gig with respected singer songwriter Karine and talented musician Inge. – and Mat! She and Mat have been performing together the past 4 years and are based in Manchester. (Mat is finishing his Phd in Music). Kirsty has a warm gentle smile - her voice is mellow and warm, drawing you in to a deep place. The Hobopop Collective have a cd ‘two birds’ and have recently been recording ‘Kansas Sessions’ a new album due for release in the autumn of 2008.

*Mat is a born performer! He thrives on it and really gets into the music. He’s a player of fretted instruments. He first caught my camera’s attention when he and Kirsty supported Capercaille at the Old Fruitmarket gig in January at the CC festival, with his exuberant playing and his joy of the music. He is the lively shadow to Kirsty’s serene calm – yet she has a questioning edge to her voice. He is an accomplished musician who works with many respected artists - he has a passion for both music and art.

This was a special gig and all four artists enjoyed being on stage at the Tall ship. The audience sang along on ‘I’m Going to do it all Someday’ So nice to meet Karine and what a lovely lady she is. These artists are soul warming and moving.

Check my flickr site for Kirsty, Karine, Inge and Mat pics. Thank you guys for such a memorable evening. **After a night of music that warms the spirit I find on leaving the ship the most perfect blue sky – the deepest blue with a yellow horizon.